by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna
Fearless Peace of Mind
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F r o m   F e a r  t o  S t r e n g t h  a n d  C o n f i d e n c e
Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

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Become clear, balanced and resilient in the face of change

These days society is riddled with fear and uncertainty of all kinds, which are particularly active at the workplace. At times these emotions erupt openly, other times they camouflages themselves and covertly undermine workplace atmosphere, morale and performance.  However, we can learn to take our power back and release fear and other negative emotions, and get in touch with our innate resilience, confidence and strength.

From Fear to Confidence and Strength is a workshop program where participants learn what fear truly is, new ways of viewing it, releasing it and finding their inner resourcefulness. In this program they discover and dissolve the fuels for fear in their lives. As this happens, new life giving, constructive, healthy responses appear. Then it becomes natural to respond to challenges and difficult relationships in a new, constructive way.  Not only does this increase productivity, but individuals naturally become a source of inspiration and well being to all they interact with.

The workshops include information, tools, guidelines and uniquely designed interactive exercises so that the material can be practiced in everyday life.
In This Program You Will Learn How To:
Tools You Will Become Skilled at: