by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna
Fearless Peace of Mind
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B E C O M I N G   F E A R L E S S
Become Confident, Clear and Resilient 
Talks, Workshops and Trainings
Samurai Skills for Challenging Times
Programs That Open the Mind, Lift The Spirit
Make Everyday Count
What stops you from having the success you deserve, the relationship you always wanted? It is only fear.
Our programs and book show you how to dissolve the fears that stop you from doing and being all that you are.
Today so much we depended on keep us secure has been taken away. During a time of uncertainty, fear can take over, confuse and de-stabilize our lives.
However, there are many steps we can take to reclaim our original balance and strength. Our programs offer psychological, philosophical and practical guidance in handling challenging times.
   * Become free of fear based limitations          
   * Increase productivity and resourcefulness
   * Dissolve fear and other toxic emotions
   * Learn how to deal with transition and change
   * Build powerful, lasting, uplifting relationships
   * Develop unfailing inner strength and resourcefulness
   * Attract new clients and friends
   * Become a source of inspiration for those they interact with
   * Make everyday worthwhile
Cutting edge programs include talks, workshops and seminars, created and presented by noted psychologist and award winning author, speaker and relationship expert, Dr. Brenda Shoshanna.
"Dr. Deepak Chopra once told me that he thought the single most common and direct cause of illness was anger and fear.  If this is true, Dr. Brenda Shoshanna has got to be one of the great world class healers of all time. In her book and programs, not only  does she present the most complete and compelling information, but also shows you how to release and dissolve all that is getting in your way. each of them. If you suffer from any form of  fear  or anger, and who among us does not, then this is a must for you."
-- Winn Henderson, M.D. International Radio Show Host, Share Your Mission
From Fear to Strength and Confidence
Find out what fear truly is, how to release it and find your inner balance, focus and strength. Discover what the fuels for fear are and how to replace them one by one. As we learn and practice these principles, we naturally reclaim our original strength and wisdom.
From Fear to Total Relationships
Discover how to relate on a new basis. Release fear,  dissolve trouble spots in relationships, develop authentic communication, let go of unworkable expectations and establish respect and trust.
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Renewing and Restoring the Self: Dissolving Stress and Burnout
Burnout, distraction and decreased performance are caused by many factors. In this program we find out how to pinpoint and dissolve stress, discover how to replenish and restore the self, and do it on a daily basis. This program provides many tools for stress reduction, including centering, mindfulness, focusing and constructive choosing.
  • Confidence, clarity and resilience increase naturally.
  • New possibilities appear in your life.
  • Strength and positive outlook expand daily.
  • Everyday becomes worthwhile.

The Living Spiritual Teachers Project spotlights people from different religious and spiritual traditions we think you should meet on your spiritual journey.  Brenda Shoshanna  is the latest additions, a master of practical spiritual practices that you can use in your daily life to enhance your relationships, build your character, and help deal with challenges and opportunities.