by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna
Fearless Peace of Mind
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From Fear to Total Relationships
Dr. Brenda Shoshanna

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Undo The Chains That Bind You to Fears and Misunderstandings and Discover New Possibilities and Ways of Being in Your Relationships

"With the exercise of self trust new powers appear."

Based upon the wisdom of  East and West, we offer psychological, philosophical and practical guidance in developing uplifting, winning relationships that last.

What stops you from having the relationship you always wanted, the success you deserve? It is just fear. During our unique program you learn how to dissolve trouble spots in relationships, develop authentic communication, let go of unworkabe expectations and establish respect and trust.

As this takes place, productivity, resourcefulness, enthusiasm and supportive relationships increase exponentially.

In This Program You Will

Call Dr Shoshanna today to help your organization maximize its well being and  competetive edge. 212-288-0028;,,
Dr. Shoshanna is a renowned psychologist in practice for over 25 years, relationship expert, speaker, workshop leader and award winning author. A frequent guest on radio and TV, she has hosted her own radio show, taught at various universities and offered over 500 workshops on all aspects of relationship building, personal development, and creating authentic peace of mind.